Retail: Changing with the Seasons

One of the most underestimated challenges when it comes to designing a delivery strategy is anticipating and compensating for changes in the weather.

That can be true when it comes to the day-to-day (like flash floods or snowstorms, which are harder to predict but can more dramatically impact your deliveries on the ground).

But it can also apply to long-term planning for seasonal weather patterns, which you can start to anticipate and build your channels around—systematically and geographically—helping you to ensure the right products arrive to their destinations at the right time, any time of year.

In the short-term, ShipNow can help you adapt to unexpected weather by changing your plans quickly and finding new routes, new delivery partners, or new drivers. It’s your all-in-one delivery planning resource.

In the long-term, ShipNow can help you design an overview of your supply chain, channel partners, and distribution strategy based on when your orders get busier, where they tend to go, and how those shipments and areas might be impacted by travel methods and routes.

Seasonal weather patterns aren’t surprises, and you can adapt to accommodate them.

Unless you’re hyperlocal, you have to take national weather patterns into account. If you’re delivering from a distribution center or fulfillment partner in the north during a blizzard, for example, it’s going to dramatically change your timeframe (even if the northern point of origin is the same distance—or less—than somewhere starting in the south).

Understanding how dry roads, wet roads, fallen trees, falling rocks, or even drag from intense windstorms can affect your deliveries, and being able to predict the potential for that because of patterns of weather during certain times of year in certain regions, is something that will give you an edge on the competition.

More importantly, you want to be able to do something with those insights—like choose another fulfillment partner, and join forces with other drivers, who can help you cover the miles and reach your customers on time.

But the combination of information, timing, and options is the ultimate solution that will get you through all four seasons of retail.

ShipNow helps you choose the delivery options that work best for you all year long.

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