Project Tracking & Management with An Efficient Facility Management App

Managing, sending and receiving information on-the-go is the way most businesses function today. Be it moving from one floor to another or traveling to another location, connecting with your employee and customers is essential.

With every sector booming at a fast pace, the real estate too is expanding rapidly. Considering the growing work load and day-to-day challenges faced by facility managers or FMs, it has become essential to stay connected with employees as well as maintain a smooth workflow. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, there are many apps that are used by FMs and businesses to streamline work.

Having mentioned that, would you be able to gauge the efficiency and safety of these apps? Considering it a tough choice, we make it easy by highlighting the 5 key features of the Fieldfeeds App which will convince you that you’ve got it right.

Fieldfeeds is one such app that’s widely used by many Facility Managers and organizations. The listed features can help you streamline your work and improve customer satisfaction.  

Feature #1. Collaborate Real-time Video Feeds- Regardless of the location, you have complete access to images and video feeds. Upload and share real-time videos of projects with your employees and clients. Our app is designed to provide you with up-to-date and handy information so you can constantly stay in touch with your clients.

Feature #2. Save Project Delays with Intelligent Reporting- This comes across as a big relief to facility managers and clients. We all understand the value of time especially when it comes to delivering projects by a certain deadline. Quick responses to issues can not only save project delays but boost productivity too.

With an inbuilt QR code scanner, any issue pertaining to the facility can be reported instantly by the client or anonymous person. On notification, immediate action taken by the facility manager to fix such issues. Save time and prevent project delays with this issue reporting app.

Feature #3. Increase Profit Margins & Minimize Risk - The Fieldfeeds app gives you the power to take control of situations. Integration with ARCHIBUS and other multiple agencies has improved operational efficiency. Prevent unnecessary service calls, maintaining accuracy in data management, etc. helps you schedule and plan ahead of the project timeline. The time and investment in managing huge projects decreases with minimal risk.   

Feature #4. Easy Data Access & Storage – We believe in maintaining data confidentiality, safe and an easy process. You can configure your own account or use Biglynx Fieldfeeds box account to store your files. Important documents can be shared with customers and clients for a hassle-free communicate. With ample of space provided, you have easy access and ample storage facility for your files.

Feature #5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction- Customer satisfaction is priority for every business. Capture and share video feeds of projects, address facility issues, prevent project delays, efficient facility management and so much more can be done using the Fieldfeeds app. Fieldfeeds helps you keep pace with the progress of your projects and stay connected with your customers.

Efficiently manage and streamline projects with Fieldfeeds. Download the app on your Android or IOS device. Visit us @!/ for more information.

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