Must Need Disruptive Solution For Better Facility Management In Real Time

Are you a managing a facility/construction project? If so, have you experienced any cost overruns, project delays, and unexpected claims and couldn't find out what happened? Now, it is time for a project assessment of your company, staff, customer care service and strategy you are using to manage your facility/construction projects. 

Customer service expectations have dramatically increased in the past decades. Thanks to mobile technology because now customers want an instant response to their queries, repairs or replacements request. For field service industry the pressure to get it perfect, and to fix it correctly the first time has never been higher, and it is an impossible task without the help of technology.   

Build stronger relationships with your clients by involving them at every touch point throughout their journey. FieldFeeds integration with ERP or CRM solutions gives issues reporting and collaboration platform for enhancing the operational efficiency and service excellence of facility managers. Our Competitive mobile app FieldFeeds changes everything. Biglynx Fieldfeeds app helps you connect with customers and the field staff working on the site by uploading pictures or posting videos to get a real-time information about completion of a certain task. Our every feature is fully dedicated to helping you in eliminating the hurdles in your day-to-day management of your projects. We want to help create rewarding experiences for you and your customers. Fieldfeeds has integrated with Box for all your file storage requirements. With FieldFeeds You Can:  

  1. Easily Manage Construction Projects by Adding projects, Field staff, and Your Customers

Create your account on mobile device or web portal for FieldFeeds, add projects, field staff, and customers for smooth communication and sharing important documents. 

  1. Facilitate your Staff and Customers with Image/Video Posting Facility

It is a great way to keep everyone informed about latest changes or progress taking place. Fieldfeeds app allows staff or customers to post image/video feeds on issues or updates on a particular project that requires attention. 

  1. Collaborate with Customers

A company can share a particular video feed from field staff with the customer to get inputs or decision based on the discussion on the video feed. In this way, you can provide your customers with real-time information and provide better service. 

Downloading the Fieldfeeds mobile app will not only manage the complexities of the complete project life cycle but also lets the manager control all business operations with a single hand. Fieldfeeds can help you work faster and with less hassle by migrating away from paper and using your mobile to share updated information. Fieldlfeeds app gives employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently which in turn betters collaboration and coordination helping faster responses in real-time. 

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