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In the process of urbanization, maintenance of cities has taken a major stand. Some of the most common problems faced by city residents are piling of garbage, open drains, improper roads, etc.

With maintenance issues rising, the future of cities is at stake. In situations like these; implementing a smart reporting system for residence is the solution. Introduction of such a technology has the potential to make cities cleaner, safer, healthier and environmentally friendly.

We call such a technology as the 311 Smartcity service. It’s a non-emergency service request that has the potential to improve living conditions in many aspects. Through this app, city residents can easily report issues pertaining to their neighborhood. 

311 Smartcity App

The 311 app is designed with an idea to improve the infrastructure and management for city residents. The app is integrated with a management software system. In case of any issue, citizens can directly report it to the maintenance staff.             

With an aim to enhance citizen experience, BigLynx FieldFeeds technology can be integrated with the Smartcity 311 app. FieldFeeds is a dynamic app adopted by leading facility management companies.  

Why FieldFeeds?

FieldFeeds is time-tested and promises a safe and livable conditions for its citizens. The app is not just restricted to facility management. FieldFeeds is above and beyond its existing use. It can be integrated with other service sectors such as healthcare, education, utilities, service industry, etc.

Highlight of FieldFeeds App

  • Easy Access to City Service and Information
  • Real-time Collaboration with Latest Technologies for Quick Solutions
  • Receive Live Feeds from Citizens with Audio, Video and Image Updates
  • Quick Scan and Report Issues with Geo location and AI Intelligence
  • Integrate with Multiple Agencies for Streamlined Resolution
  • Interactive Steps for Citizens Encouraging to Report Issues
  • Configure your Company’s Box Account for easy Sending/Receiving files

4 Ways to Report Issues

  • QR Coding Scan- Report an issue by point the camera to the QR Code on an asset or facility.
  • IOS/ Android Device- The app is compatible with Android and iPhone device. Therefore, easy access to report an issue.
  • Web Page- Visit the web page to report any issue
  • IOT Access Point- Answer a series of question to arrive at a specific service

Common Features of 311 and FieldFeeds App

Device Compatibility

The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Sharing Real-time Audio, Videos and Images

The app can be remotely accessed from any location. Thus, enabling sharing of real-time audio, video and images. Through this app, citizens can expect an immediate response. This would mean that the turn-around time to respond is much faster.

Easy-to-use Interface

Both the apps are user friendly, thus providing smooth user experience. It can also sync with your company’s website.

QR Code Scanning

Now citizens can easily report an issue by scanning the QR code which is on an asset or a gov facility. 

Common Objectives of 311 and FieldFeeds App

Both these apps are designed with an objective to improve the infrastructure and address to customers problems.

  • Provide best facility management service experience to customers
  • Operational efficiency
  • Empowering BigLynx customers succeed a rapid evolving technological space
  • Service excellence
  • CRM/ Agencies integration

The integration of FieldFeeds with 311 encourages citizens to report and communicate issues. Thus, providing with quick solutions for a safer and healthier lifestyle. 

To know more about its functions, visit https://www.fieldfeeds.com/#!/

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