Improving Efficiency with the Power of Video Feeds

Building trust in your customers is important. With so much going on in the construction industry, customers expect regular updates and information. Most of the time, communication is over phone calls, messages and emails. This however leads to delayed response and more chances of missing out on valid information.

Among the many forms of communication, videos are the most trending. They are not only fast but also one of the reliable sources of information. Today, the construction industry across the world are relying on video feeds to communicate with clients and customers. Issues and regular updates pertaining to construction projects are now shared with customers through videos. A quick glance at the video is enough for a customer to know the real-time status of the site.

Here’s a simple example of how a construction manager can build customer trust through video feeds.

Say a floor tile has to be fixed in a certain area of the house. The job has to be done soon which also requires the consent of the customer. The construction manager would therefore share the video with the customer, so he can get an immediate feedback and fix the problem, if any. In this way, the construction manager is able to establish trust when he gets a positive response from the customer. He’s thus able to complete the task without delay and up to the satisfaction of the customer.

Technological advancement has led to the development of apps specifically designed to manage field updates. Among the many, Biglynx FieldFeeds is one such app that stands out from the rest.   

FieldFeeds is a responsive app that benefits the customer and construction managers. The app has many interesting features such as:

  • Share real-time videos and images of the construction site, regardless of the location
  • Post facility issues on location
  • Engage customers with live feeds on construction, infrastructure and facility issues/updates.
  • QR code scan assists with reporting issues
  • Simplified issue reporting, posting information and tracking

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Offers Complete Security and Confidentiality

The box account used for storage of data is secure. All information pertaining to project videos, images, etc. is confidential and not shared with any third party.

Over a period of time, customers have gained immense trust in this app. Thus, making it easy for its users to collaborate and solve problems.

Here’s a testimony by one of our customers who has been using the FieldFeeds app.

Mr. Bruno says, “The FieldFeeds app is indeed amazing. I get regular updates through video feeds on the construction of my property.” The video updates certainly save time and effort.”

Why FieldFeeds

FieldFeeds has proved excellent for its users as it simplifies the process of reporting issues. Sharing real-time video feed images and chats has been possible through this app. The app is not just restricted to facility management but can be used in so many other sectors such as energy, construction, automobile, etc. have benefitted too. FieldFields integration with ARCHIBUS has also improved its operational efficiency.

There’s a serious need for quality of communication at all levels. What better way to have an app like FieldFeeds that ensures no error.

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