Benefitting Businesses with Fieldfeeds and Archibus Integration

Many industries today are navigating through the rapid challenges of business development. One such area is facility management that’s facing real-time challenges in terms of management of assets, space, movement and service.

In order to maintain, manage and streamline the entire life-cycle, it has become imperative for businesses to explore different technological solutions. Once the above key challenges are identified, the next step is to overcome and optimize these in the most efficient manner.

With a close view on these issues, BigLynx FieldFeeds has integrated with ARCHIBUS, an Integrated Workplace Management System that offers a smart solution plan.

The platform is modeled to suit your business requirements, thus maintaining high standards and offering quick solutions. Its integration with FieldFeeds can now simplify your facility reporting issues as well as overcome communication challenges. An indeed a quick reporting system that saves your time from typing lengthy text. The much-needed information is reported instantly by listening to the voice of the customer.

Here’s how the app can work to your advantage:

• Share real-time videos and voice feeds of issues 
• Post facility issues on location 
• Collaborate with field issues in real-time from ARCHIBUS 
• Engage customers with live feeds on construction, infrastructure and facility issues/updates. 
• The Dashboard enables the user to add roles and assign responsibilities.

FieldFeeds integration with ARCHIBUS is your one-stop platform that enables businesses to proactively use the app. The insights obtained using the app helps keep facility managers ahead and updated. It’s the perfect way to connect people, facilities and multiple operations through video feeds.

Confidentiality & Security

Once you've signed in, as an administrator, you get to control and modify application settings through a Dashboard. This further helps to streamline, protect your assets and authenticate multiple facilities.

In addition to this, there's a complete transparency and accountability of information pertaining to the data ownership and use. The FieldFeeds app is a very efficient tool designed to helps you meet compliance and reporting issues.

Customer confidentiality is of prime importance to us. Any business or personal information is not shared with any third-party and is also not used for advertisement purpose. Now you can control and resolve your issues from anywhere, anytime!

Additional Advantages

FieldFeeds is designed to match up with your business needs. One of the best feature of the app is that it’s compatible with android devices and IPhone. Also, regardless of geographical challenges, the app is easily accessible from anywhere.

This feature of the app has worked to the advantage of many businesses by improving the quality of service and operational efficiency.

Reporting an issue through FieldFeeds has never been so easy and convenient. FieldFeeds is also mapped with a QR code that helps identify the location of the facility which can assist in addressing the problem. This makes it easy for users to scan the code and report the issue immediately.

On signing in from Archibus, users can configure projects for FieldFeeds. Once this is done, the user will receive video feeds of the facility. As a new user, you can request for a live demo and try our 45 Days Trial.

This and so much more can be explored using the app. The app truly empowers its users with many interesting features and helps alleviate further challenges.

Now get your facility up and running by tapping into the new technological advancements.

Logon to and register now! Enjoy the benefits of our app.

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