What Is DNVB? (Your Future, Maybe)

You’ve already seen the signs—from dying shopping malls and empty storefronts to the rise of pop-ups and shared retail spaces. Commerce is moving online.
For some companies, like Lowe’s, this means closing dozens of locations nationwide. For others, like NYC’s Swarovski, it means strategic pop-ups and partnerships to promote the existence and locations of its physical shops. But many companies will also be eliminating the existence of brick-and-mortar stores altogether as they realize that it’s just as profitable to build an online-only empire, and invest real estate funds in promotional opportunities, storage facilities, and the products to fill them once demand grows.
If you’re a small business or a start-up, you may even be content to remain in your home office, and never feel the need to leave. Because even the time-honored group workspaces that exist physically in the real world are often being reduced in the expansive realm of DNVB.
What Is DNVB?
The first thing to know is that DNVB, or Digitally Native Vertical Brands, is a bit of a misnomer. Typically, it refers to a brand that exists entirely online (hence, “native”). But it might also refer to a company that originated online before expanding into a brick-and-mortar experience. Or, in some cases, it might even mean a company that began as a storefront that closed when the brand went fully digital. This is the definition that seems to be expanding in recent years. Any of these might be the right choice for you.
ShipNow is your greatest resource for DNVB.
The less your retail brand exists in the physical realm, the more you need to rely on your technology to assist your digital transactions—and the physical transactions that come with them. ShipNow pairs both in one user-friendly interface that intuitively guides best business practices through Machine Learning.
Without a physical space, all of your merchandise ordering, processing, storage, and deliveries are going to be handled out of sight, at secondary locations. Because warehousing is such a huge part of overhead for DNVB businesses, you’re going to choose those locations based on what’s most affordable to you.
But the next step is going to be learning the cheapest and fastest ways to get your products from those locations to your customers. ShipNow optimizes routes from your locations based on the products contained within each order, and how they sync with other orders both within your company and in coordination with outgoing orders from other delivery companies. You can maximize efficiency by sharing existing routes with other companies making shipments in the same direction.
The best part of ShipNow for DNVB is that while it’s handling your deliveries, it’s also helping your business. By tracking your orders, ShipNow can help you plan and process how you restock and budget, as well as track patterns for individual buyers and upcoming seasons. There are almost infinite ways that the data can be applied with the reports generated from your delivery optimization alone.
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