Uberization: It Can Drive Your Business

ShipNow helps retailers get ahead by expediting their deliveries. This allows them to be competitive in one of the most highly prioritized areas for online shoppers: receiving their packages as quickly as possible (preferably within two days, and ideally free).

We do this by tapping into a network of potential delivery routes and services, and then allowing our proprietary machine learning platform to figure it all out for you—based on your own company’s profile (like its unique patterns, processes, and products).

One of the less-understood options for retailers is something called “uberization.”

Uberization means taking advantage of drivers who are already on the road, going in the direction of your delivery, to make the drop-off for you without going too far out of their way.

The phrase originates from the ride-hailing app and the culture it spawned, but it doesn’t mean that the drivers you associate with necessarily work for Uber.

In fact, in a general sense, “uberization” doesn’t even necessarily have to do with driving at all. It refers, broadly, to a similar model of utilizing technology to connect people seeking services and others providing them, efficiently and economically.

However, when it does come to drivers, they may or may not already take passengers via services like Uber and Via and Lyft—but, on the other hand, they may only be interested in delivering packages and products (like yours), rather than passenger transport.

Independent drivers are likely interested in finding areas of overlap in their routes that maximize efficiency and conserve time.

Meanwhile, you get to create business for independent workers who share your entrepreneurial spirit, while cutting down on your own overheard—because you don’t have to pay for your own individual drivers, much less double up costs for fuel.

ShipNow calculates the shortest distance between the product you’re selling (which may be available at a local warehouse or boutique, for example, rather than your own headquarters) and its destination. Then it scouts through potential couriers’ preexisting routes to find you the shortest possible time and put you in touch with the person who’s available and willing to make the drop-off. 

The result that our algorithm comes back with is the best possible number of days that you’re able to guarantee your customers, helping you compete with other quick-shipping retail outlets like Amazon.

ShipNow means that you’re now able to stay on top of your game (and devote your energy to business areas where it really matters, rather than shipping). You’re able to instantly analyze and utilize all available resources on the road—whether that’s large third-party distribution servers or private drivers.

Plus, you get to make the most of uberization—from the culture to the technology—with ShipNow.

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