Taking Advantage of the Gig Economy

ShipNow gives retailers the ability to guarantee their customers rapid delivery for all products. It does this by automatically comparing rates and then connecting sellers with the best solution for every order.

If you want to see whether an order would be cheaper and reach its destination faster by FedEx, UPS, or USPS, for example—you can easily check. That’s before factoring in the wide number of third-party private delivery services that vary by city and region, and often offer competitive rates.

However, there’s also another great option that ShipNow also connects you with and compares against those more traditional options—which is using private drivers who participate in today’s growing gig economy.

What’s the “gig economy” and what does it have to do with delivery services?

The “gig economy” allows individuals to work for themselves and control their own livelihood by directly interacting with clients for one-off paid opportunities. This is often particularly true in service and creative fields (like childcare or graphic design), as well as tech and telecoms—taking advantage of our increasingly digitized world and the ability to perform tasks remotely. It’s one way for people to manage their own free time and earn extra cash, whether that’s a vocational preference or something to make extra money on the side of a full-time job.

ShipNow allows you to take advantage of the growing gig economy by hiring independent drivers to help you make timely deliveries.

That doesn’t mean hiring individual cars for all of your deliveries (which wouldn’t be cost-savvy or good for the environment). But it can mean getting in touch with drivers who are already being hired to make deliveries within the range of the ones you need to be making.

With a vehicle already on the road, and typically only one person taking up space (the driver), there’s often unutilized storage space that might as well be filled by products from any number of companies making deliveries in the same geographical area.

Combining deliveries is also great for individual drivers.

They can make (for example) three times the profit with one route by taking care of deliveries for three different brands—on the same tank of gas. Increasing their own profit and savings also allows them to offer more competitive rates, enticing new business.

It’s a win-win model for your business and drivers who make a living through the gig economy, and it’s all facilitated by ShipNow.

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