Join the Free Shipping Revolution – Here’s How

It’s obvious that we’re no longer buying and selling goods like they did back in grandpa’s day. But when things are in flux, it’s common to wonder—are things getting better, or worse? Are we entering a golden age for commerce, or heading into a dark era that’s going to cause many small businesses to shutter their doors for good?

That really depends on whether companies are prepared to keep up with emerging trends. You’re going to need to be able and willing to adapt your business strategy in order to survive the unavoidable shifts that are going to permanently change the face of retail in the coming years.
One of the most popular shifts in e-commerce lately has been free shipping. It’s so ubiquitous that many modern customers often won’t go shopping somewhere that doesn’t offer it—or they’ll spend a lot of time trying to Google promo codes that will help them negate those shipping costs. People will click away from their purchase after hours of browsing your site once they learn they’ll have to pay shipping fees (especially if it’s for standard shipping, rather than some kind of special order or rush).
Here’s the bottom line: To stay competitive, you’re going to need to offer Free Shipping.
It can be something you do promotionally (for example: by offering it to members only or all new subscribers, or when people follow you on social media, or when shoppers surpass an easily qualifying minimum purchase)—but you must do it consistently.
You might be thinking that you can’t afford to constantly swallow the cost of shipping all by yourself. But because of the goodwill the brand will earn from shoppers, the ones who don’t simply go elsewhere to save on shipping rates, and the fans who turn into repeat customers, it will pretty much pay for itself.
As for the rest? ShipNow actually saves you money, which will counter the insignificant investment.
ShipNow reduces your overhead in a number of ways: We help reduce the cost of packaging, shipping, and managing your wares by optimizing this with our proprietary machine learning system. That’s all through our one platform, rather than leaving you to hire more internal staff or paying expensive third-party logistics companies.
Plus, because of the inherent premise of connecting you with professional trucking companies, local delivery companies, and uberization alternatives (aka, individual drivers) to get your packages moving sooner, your customers will be getting even faster deliveries from you than ever before.
ShipNow means giving your customers speedy free shipping, which is the best kind.
When you’re able to guarantee fast free shipping, all the time (or promotionally, for a marketing advantage), then your outlook is going to be golden. Eventually, Free Shipping will be more than just a trend. You’ll be part of a revolution, where companies trying to charge customers for their own deliveries will be a thing of the past.
Join the Free Shipping Revolution with ShipNow!
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