Did You Meet Your Holiday Goals? What You Can Do Now

There’s nothing worse than failing to receive packages on time during the holidays. Whether you’re decorating the house, planning to travel, or expecting gifts for loved ones—a package that arrives even one day late can cause a lot of headaches during what’s meant to be a joyful and relaxing time of year.

Retailers know the pains of unhappy holiday customers better than anyone.
If any of your packages were late, you probably experienced fury, sadness, and frustration from your customers—which can be difficult to soothe, especially if you don’t have a huge window of turnaround time to redeliver the product or investigate what happened.
Often, a problem that happens once a product leaves your oversight is hard to quickly resolve—and leaving a lot of downtime and long travel routes can exacerbate that problem, giving you a much larger window of opportunity for mishaps to occur before they reach their intended goal. This can be especially true if you don’t have up-to-the-minute tracking on every delivery that goes out.
And when customers are unhappy, your staff gets tied up with resolving their concerns instead of providing other important services.
That’s before you factor in any goals that went unmet because of customers you never landed.
If you didn’t have the bandwidth to handle the potential sales you could have made—
If you sold out of stock because you weren’t taking the best logistical advantage of storage—
If you didn’t provide the free shipping that your competitors offered during the holidays—
If you didn’t offer rapid shipping opportunities during the busiest delivery season—
You can never fully calculate the money, opportunities, and customers you lost during the holidays.
But it’s a new year, and time to turn those problems around—or avoid them altogether in 2019.
ShipNow can eliminate your holiday hassles, letting you focus on making additional profit during a busy sales period. You can reset your next holiday goals with higher expectations based on your ability to:
· Connect with drivers in your area automatically for the smartest and fastest possible service
· Use Machine Learning to predict best routes for all shipping partners and retail locations
· Detect patterns in how customers shop, where they live, and what merchandise they prefer
· Keep track of what’s in-stock, where, and when you need to restock
· Guarantee two-day or overnight door-to-door delivery
Change your outlook for next year’s holiday season, starting today, with ShipNow.
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