Become a Triple Threat in Retail

In entertainment, a triple threat is a performer who can sing, dance, and act.

In retail, a triple threat is a company that offers price, assortment, and service.

You might be able to control your pricing and assortment to a certain extent. But your service will never fully be competitive if you don’t offer fast, cheap shipping.

Today, service is possibly higher-ranked by customers than the other two branches of the triad. And when it comes to service demands, shipping is ranked No. 1. That’s why we created ShipNow.

ShipNow helps you expedite deliveries, while delivering the service your customers desire.

Plus, it has the added benefit of allowing you to improve your prices (by saving you money) and assortment (by making the best use of your distribution centers).

You get to boost your retail business on all fronts. But, to be truly competitive, let’s go further.

As you know, much of retail has moved online. Even when you get people into stores, they might still look for the same product, or a similar item, for cheaper. It can happen while standing right in the middle of your shop. Or, they might order your item online so that it’s shipped to their house, rather than take it home with them at the time. Either way, this in-person engagement is now e-commerce.

The more you move your business online to accommodate this trend, the more you’ll benefit. As the saying goes: You’ve got to reach your customers where they live. With a mobile platform like ShipNow, that’s especially doable.

When we think about how to improve our reach, for example, we think about geography. That could be a matter of planning where to open your next storefront with prime, visible real estate; or, it could be a matter of selecting distribution centers that are two days away from all major demographic target areas, helping you to guarantee quick delivery times where it counts most.

Physical spaces might still be right for you to prioritize, but are you going about it the wrong way?

Today, you want to think about your digital geography. You need to maximize your digital energy and efficiency to have the greatest impact on price, assortment, and service—without hiring yourself a team of digital managers, as well as IT Support. You also don’t want to be running, learning, and training people on six different platforms at once to carry out your fleet of pivotal operations.

ShipNow is an automated system that customizes its programming to accommodate your unique business and learns from your input. Then it returns your optimized solutions for delivery routes, and connects you with drivers on the spot, while processing your orders and keeping your stock updated.

If you could make one change to turn your business into the ultimate triple threat—wouldn’t you?

That’s possible by making the choice to try ShipNow.

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