5 Downsides of Slow Delivery Service

We’re living in a society built on instant-gratification—from swiping right to one-click bill payments.

While online shopping helps satisfy the urge to reward ourselves right away, or complete tasks as soon as the thought crosses our minds, the people who are most prone to indulging their immediate purchasing urges are also the sort of people who want their items arriving right away.
Ever since shoppers began subscribing to Amazon Prime in droves (largely compelled by its 2-Day Shipping guarantee), and then relying on it for a majority of their online purchases, more and more people are expecting that their purchases to arrive right away—simply because it’s what they’re used to.
That can leave other online retailers in the lurch when it comes to keeping up—when even the standard 3-to-5-day delivery window has started seeming like an interminable wait for antsy customers.
Of the many reasons that fast delivery will profit your business, here are a few reasons slow delivery will harm it:
1. Lost profit. Whether people are choosing not to shop your products because of a prolonged wait, or they simply don’t want to pay extra fees for delivery, you can lose single orders or entire populations of customers by failing to offer one of the most highly prioritized services for online merchants.
2. Transitory products. When a percentage of your stock is in transit, it’s not on the shelves attracting customers, and it isn’t accounted for in your final sales. Until a customer has received their package and elected to keep the item—confirming it wasn’t damaged, that it fits, etc.—you can’t be sure if that will be coming back to you for storage and resale (or whether the return will put it back on the road for another long period of time, still unsold).
3. Unhappy customers. With customers calling to ask where their packages are, or complain that orders are running late, your staff will get tied up answering service issues instead of focusing on your business.
4. Environmental costs. From keeping more cars on the road to wasting gas, your company can be seen as unfriendly toward the environment if it doesn’t participate in efforts to minimize its fuel footprint.
5. Diminished trust. People will lose faith in your overall ability to supply upon demand—the very tenet on which the market operates, and by which businesses are able to turn a reliable profit.
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