3 Retail Facts That Matter

When you’re running a business in an industry that’s growing and changing as fast as retail, it’s important to stay on top of the latest news, the newest trends, and the most up-to-date facts.

We’ve gathered a few important facts that will impact your business, and we’ll tell you why:

46% of Consumers Expect Next-Day Delivery to Be Free

Because millions of consumers make purchases through Amazon Prime, which offers a wide array of inventory that qualifies for its two-day free shipping, anything more than two days can seem like a long time to wait for a package. (And we’ve learned that people hate to wait whether it’s an urgent need or not.) Those who are willing to wait might still be unhappy when they have to pay for it—especially if there’s something comparable, but available faster and free, on Amazon itself. However…

36% of Online Shoppers Are Willing to Wait for Free Delivery

In a dream world, everybody wants to have it all. But when push comes to shove, many consumers report that they value cost savings over fast delivery. That’s because most online purchases are non-urgent. You need to crunch the numbers to learn if you’ll make more money by offering free shipping and satisfying customers, which gives you more latitude with how fast you make deliveries (for example, if you wait another day or two, you might fill a truck), or charging customers. Of course, of those who are willing to pay…

86% of Shoppers Are Not Willing to Pay More Than $5 for Same-Day Delivery

As all retailers probably know, especially small businesses and start-ups, sending something same-day or even overnight is likely to cost well over $5. Even sending a courier within your own city, with a one-time delivery, is likely to cost more than that. So, $5 means absorbing some of the cost yourself—but it’s what customers expect. To satisfy these customer demands, companies need to offset the cost in some way, whether that’s sending large shipments all at once to consolidate costs or raising product prices to cover delivery costs.

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