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As the idiom goes, “Orange is the New Black” in fashion, similarly, ‘pro app testing’ (professional App Testing) is the new technological requirement by today’s business ventures. In recent years, many businesses have increased their dependency on mobile apps as a result of which, there’s a huge demand for app testers or experts.

During the development cycle of an app, automated and manual testing hold immense importance. Though automated testing is considered as refined, manual testing too has its own distinct advantages, especially in terms of usability and user experience (UX). Also, most app developers rely on manual testing for the obvious reason that automated testing cannot detect errors for which it’s not programmed. If you are looking to launch an MVP- Minimum Viable Product, manual app testing is the way forward. Here is more than one reason to work with app experts on Eyece.

Accurate User Interface (UI)Testing- UI testing is one of the most important stages of app testing. With a team of best domain experts from across the world, get your apps validated for complete accuracy and app efficiency.  

Real User Experience (UX)- Test your apps by real users in your preferred language and across different devices. Engage domain experts to perform thorough tests to get the desired results.

Cost Effective for Small Projects- If you are handling a small project with limited budget for testing, then Eyece makes complete sense. Based on fixed prices you can execute the number of test cases. For example, you can execute 25 test cases for a max of $20. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always request for a revised test.

Easy Detection of Bugs- Automated testing may not always give you accurate results as it’s not programmed to find it. This would eventually involve a huge risk at the time of releasing the app. Find the right domain expert that suit your requirement and zero down the errors on your app.   

Compatibility Testing- Will your app be able to perform with other multiple apps running at the same time? App developers need to test their apps in complicated scenarios such as - If the user is texting and leaves it half-way to attend a call, how will the app function then? Therefore, compatibility testing is important which you can smoothly perform on our platform.

Though there are many app testing platforms, we can vouch on efficiency and value for time and money. Explore Eyece https://www.eyece.com/Index.html#!/ today!  

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