How to Stay Ahead of the Game with Short-term Pop-up Stores

Do it the right way and your store will surely POP-UP! The key objectives of a popup store are- build brand awareness, promote sales, introduce new products, establish customer loyalty, etc.

Since last couple of years, many small, medium and upcoming businesses have adopted to this marketing strategy- the concept of a two-day to a week-long popup event, also known as short-term popup stores. This concept is thriving amongst many businesses as they can focus on the key goals of the business.

We have listed few of these below-

  • Create a Buzz for New Products
  • Establish Brand Name
  • Promote sales
  • Experiment with a new product, concept or service
  • Establish customer relationship

As soon as you identify your priorities, you require a realistic platform to take it to the next level. This is where we sync in and begin a journey together with Shared Retail.

Read on to know how you can work it out with us.

Go Mobile- Introduce new products in different locations

Logically speaking, a smart way to create a buzz for new products is to introduce it in different locations. Download the Shared Retail App on your Android or IOS device and go mobile!

You can find a huge list of retailers in our database who own vacant spaces in malls or have stand-alone stores, ready to be leased out. If you are looking to set up a popup store in a prime location, you could look it up with the zip code or city on the App or website.

We make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunity to find the best retail space.

It’s All in your Hands! - Find Cost-efficient Spaces

It takes a lot of effort to find the ideal space for a pop-up store. Save time, effort and huge investments by discovering existing retail spaces. The list of retail spaces spanning across different locations can help you determine what’s suitable for your product and business.

You now have more than one reason to locate your popup store in a cost-efficient manner. It’s also the quickest ways to establish a popup store and interact with potential consumers too.

Scale it Up! - Promote Sales

Is this your major goal? With the retail sector being so competitive, businesses are focusing on ways of promoting sales. It is believed that every space has a certain potential that helps promote business. It could be the demographic, people or just the surroundings that boost sales. Take advantage of the Shared Retail app to locate specific areas that can help promote sales. Get a clear view of the space as put up by other space owners, inquire about the pricing and lease tenure. And not to forget, since you have a short-term space leased, you have the flexibility to extent it after the term.

Feel free to explore Shared Retail next time you think of establishing a pop-up store. Visit us @!/ for more information. 

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