Need a Device for Testing Your App? Eyece Has It All!

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Well, let’s say this is not applicable to Eyece. More the number of experts, app developers, devices, languages and countries, delicious is the outcome.
5000+ Domain Expert Users, 500+ Unique Devices, 30+ Languages, 20+ Countries and 25+ Industries. Watch out for these numbers as we are only getting bigger by the day and being part of such a huge platform is something to look forward to. This is what makes Eyece a diverse platform and unique from the rest.
As a matter of fact, there are companies and individuals who step in alone and often realize later that they lack internal expertise. Also going forward, there’s a late realization that validating apps in different languages on various and latest devices has proved expensive.
This is where we step in. The purpose is to make app testing a smooth process for developers and experts alike. Eyece not just provides you with experienced and knowledgeable domain experts but also gives the flexibility to test your apps in multiple languages across different countries and devices. Eyece has it all covered!
If you are looking to be a part of our app testing team, then welcome aboard! The below guidelines will help you get started.
Filling the GapYour feedback will give insight to developers which will help them fill the gap that other competitors might overlook. Eyece is a ready platform where every domain expert can reach out to app developers. Well your take-away here are your earnings. For the number of bugs, you report, you get paid up to $20. It’s mutual benefit you see!
Conduct Thorough TestingConduct thorough testing for developers. A stage-by-stage process will lead you to thorough testing. Your domain knowledge is your driving force guiding you into conducting full-proof testing. Zero down the number of bugs and you’ll be rewarded!
Amplify SuccessThis is self-explanatory. While you make the most of your expertise, you directly amplify the success of the app and yourself. It’s all in your hands. Once you test apps on various devices in languages you are fluent in, you’ll know you are heading the right way. Every app that gets good ratings, you get it too.
Eyece- A Big BoostYou sure do have more than one reason to choose Eyece. The more you explore apps in various domains, languages and devices, bigger is the boost it gives to your expertise. Your perspective will change as you become part of an essential app testing platform.
Every feedback/suggestion is highly appreciated. As we begin this year with positive vibes, Eyece continues to witness the success of domain experts.

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