Make Extra Income by Testing Apps on Your Smart Devices

Apps have become part of our daily life. Be it ordering food online or booking a movie ticket, we greatly depend on it. The dependency on apps seem to only increase with time. 

Mobile apps are used by consumers and businesses alike for various purposes, therefore they need to be reliable and safe to use. There are numerous apps in the market developed for different businesses, devices and operating systems. Thus, app testing has become an integral part of the development process. 

App testing requires clear visibility and constant updates. Before an app is launched, it is thoroughly tested on every parameter. Testing also involves huge investment when apps have to be tested on new devices; this may not always be feasible for app developers.

So, here’s the solution, ‘crowd device testing’.

What is crowd device testing?

Before any app is launched into the market, it goes through a series of tests. There are companies and app developers that reward individuals with cash, reward points or gift cards for testing their apps.

One such crowd device testing platform is Biglynx Eyece. Eyece is a unique platform for app developers and experts. It enables users with one-of-kind app testing experience.

How can you earn extra income with app testing?

App testing is a realistic approach towards making more income. With Biglynx Eyece, an individual can earn extra income by simply accessing the app in his/her free time. Following are the types of devices that can be used for app testing.

• Smart phone
• Smart Television
• Smart Watch
• Fitness Device
• Gaming Console
• Media Player

In case you own any of the above devices, you could go ahead and register with Biglynx Eyece,!/signup. App testing can involve anything from taking a survey to shopping online. More number of bugs you identify, higher are your earnings.

App testing is done on various levels, depending on the requirement of the project. Experts get an opportunity to make extra income by testing apps developed by developers. This involves a whole lot of learning and identification process.

For app developers, crowd device testing helps to cut down on unnecessary expenses and up-scale testing activities. Here, app developers need to ensure consistent security and usability of apps.

For a quick understanding, this is how a Biglynx Eyece domain expert can get started.

Step 1- Register with Biglynx Eyece

Step 2- Login with your user name and password

Step 3- Select Rate card 
• Execute any 25 test cases
• User Experience (UX) testing for 2 hours
• Internationalization testing for 2 hours
• Exploratory testing for 2 hours

Step 4- Add Devices

From the drop-down, you can add devices such as Gaming console, Media player, Smart watch, etc. Then add the manufacturer such as Honor, Blackberry, Lenovo, etc. and finally the Model number.

Step 5- Select Language

From the drop-down, you can select any language such as Hindi, English, Chinese, Russian, etc.

Time involved for each order/project

A new app testing order can take as less as 10 minutes or couple of hours too. The app developer decides the start and end date of the project/order and as an expert, you’ll have to coordinate to complete the order.

Now earn extra income in your free time by testing apps on your devices. Let your smart device do the work for you. 
Check Biglynx Eyece!/ for more information.

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