Be the End-User to Test for Success of Mobile Apps

Every company would want its product to lead in the market. However, not all are able to meet customer expectations. To be labeled as the best in the market, a product has to go through a series of stages and tests after which it is certified as ‘market ready’. 

While in the process of developing a product, every stage plays a crucial role. The finished or final product has to be proof tested, in other words there’s no room for error. Any last-minute surprises or errors identified after the product is launched can shatter the brand. So how do companies and app developers withstand the pressure as well as meet customer expectations? Well, the answer is thorough testing.

Testing is a vast term and it mainly involves validation and verification activities. So here we confine our understanding to app testing. Validation mainly focuses on the output. 

Considering the current scenario, it’s difficult for app developers to be all-rounders- like possess technical knowledge, domain expertise as well as be financially strong to invest in various kinds of devices to test apps. This is where you, the end-user or let’s say domain experts comes into play. 

Being an end-user, you can greatly contribute towards the success of the app through Eyece. Eyece is a trusted app testing platform that supports app developers and domain experts. 

You could sign in as a domain expert; add your details such as Language, Device and Rate card. If your profile matches the criteria app developers are looking for, they get in touch with you for orders. Based on these following questions, you can validate apps: 

• Is the app performing as it should be? 
• In the actual sense, is the widget a widget? 
• Is it user friendly? And similar usability issues can be 
checked for.

And now comes the best part about testing apps on Eyece. You get paid for your time and expertise. More the number of bugs you identify, the better are your earnings. At the end, you have the satisfaction of being able to contribute towards the success of the app when it goes live.

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