5 Reasons to Choose Eyece as Industry Knowledge Expert

There are many app testing platforms like Eyece, so what makes us stand out from the rest? Why would an industry knowledge expert choose Eyece and not any other platform?

Well, if you consider how the software sector is trending, it’s not surprising to see that there are many gaps and lack of innovative thinking still missing. This is where Eyece fills in!

For us, it’s a two-way path- a path that not only benefits app developers but also domain experts. Not all platforms support beginners and have assorted tests on one platform. However, we can say that Eyece is by far the only platform that follows a non-conventional path.

Users from diverse backgrounds from all over the world have signed up with Eyece as Domain Experts and the list is only getting bigger.

Without further delay, we give you 5 reasons to choose Eyece as a Domain Expert. Read on…

Reason #1- Crowd-device Testing for Beginners

People hail from different backgrounds, speak different languages and possess varying levels of technical expertise. All these put together on Eyece makes it a unique platform. Eyece gives opportunity to beginners who possess knowledge in specific domain. You don’t have to be a tech geek to be on Eyece. Be a part of collaborative testing for individuals or a company and share your expertise with them.

Reason #2- Earn Extra Income

This could be the biggest reasons to join Eyece. Let’s be honest here…extra income is always welcome so why should you be any different. Give your time and share your valuable feedback with app developers and in return you get paid. With these extra earnings, you can surely handle all the tiny bills. As simple as that!

Reason #3- Craft your Skills in App Testing

Being an expert in a certain domain always adds value. So why not use your domain expertise to enhance your skills in app testing too. What best can you expect when you get an opportunity to test apps specific to your domain? Apart from this, imagine the knowledge you gain by testing apps that are specifically designed to suit your domain. The more you explore the app, better is the insight you get. Go for it!

Reason #4- Get Rated by App Developers

We say Eyece is a fabulous platform for app developers and domain experts. It’s a common ground for interaction. On Eyece, you get an opportunity to interact with many developers and get an insight about the apps they are developing. As one thing leads to another- once you share your feedback, you get rated based on your work and with good ratings you can end up getting bigger and better projects. So, give it a shot today!

Reason #5- Stress-free-Lancing

Not everyone is lucky to find a job that’s stress-free. As you get started with Eyece, you eventually start enjoying your job. A job that is of your interest and is less stressful can always bring out the best in you. Fulfill orders at your own pace from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are located. Work as a freelancer for Eyece.      

You can now be a part of a global app testing platform that will change your perspective about apps testing in so many ways.

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