Make the Most Using your Domain Expertise in App Testing

Mobile and web technology is fast growing. According to recent stats, by 2020, about 50 billion devices will be connected online. Going by this prediction, apps, devices and testing platforms need to be ensured that they are integrated well. For testing apps and devices, a domain expert’s knowledge and expertise are required.

A domain expert is also known as a ‘Subject Matter Expert’. He is a person who is an expert in a certain area or topic. The area of expertise could vary from fashion, insurance, education to biotechnology and so on. The list is endless.

There are numerous app testing platforms that are specific to each domain. Almost every month, there are new apps launched in the market. These apps need to be tested by domain experts before the public launch. App testing is a very crucial stage in the life cycle of app development.

Say for example, an app that you have been using to calculate your finances crashes or is hacked. Your information is at stake leading to panic. It is for this very reason that a domain expert tests apps on multiple devices and platforms making sure nothing goes wrong.

Therefore, app developers look for subject matter experts to test their apps. It is best suggested to look for experts on a reliable platform. If you are a domain expert and are looking to earn extra, you could always sign up with Biglynx Eyece!/signup.

Here’s all that you must know about Biglynx Eyece.

About Eyece

Biglynx Eyece is a collaborative platform that brings app developers and experts together. On Eyece, industry experts are hired with devices that are used for testing. Affordable app testing can be done across multiple platforms. Domain experts validate apps to test for effectiveness and user-friendliness. This not only saves time but also money when it comes to testing multiple apps on various devices.

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How Domain Experts Can Earn Extra

Here’s a good example that you can relate as a domain expert.

Say your expertise lie in Photography. Therefore, as a domain expert you can register with Eyece for free and test for photography related apps. Therefore, whatever issues you come across pertaining to apps need to be fixed by you. In this way, you can test photography apps on various devices and platforms. App testing can be done on your device for companies and individuals across the world.

With Eyece, it’s a win-win situation. The app developer can get his apps tested while the subject matter experts tests the app and gets paid.

Confidentiality of Information

Any information updated by app developers and domain experts is not shared with any third party. Information pertaining to apps is strictly confidential.

Eyece is your platform to earn extra using your expertise for various industries.

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