Shipnow: A Complete Solution to Proximity Inventory

Today ‘proximity inventory’ has taken a major lead in the retail business. Supplying products to consumers at the right time and place is a key factor contributing to the growth of a brand.

So, what does ‘proximity inventory’ mean?

The term ‘proximity inventory’ is quick delivery of products to customers using latest technology. This location-base technology helps retailers to track information about distribution, inventory, payments, etc. Thus, helping retailers to deliver products to customers and increase their conversion rate.

Previously, when it came to delivery of a product from one location to another, retailers faced major issues. Back then, technology wasn’t quite advanced to support proximity inventory. However today, with the fast progress of technology; communication regarding supply of products has become very convenient.

With the introduction of Shipnow, retailers are now able to share inventory and location information as well as complete tasks related to proximity.

Let’s understand how Shipnow can benefit retailers and consumers.

Shipnow is one platform where retailers can share inventory information on a regular basis. It’s basically a place to look up, reserve and fulfill orders from other warehouses closer to customers’ delivery location.

Shipnow is Integration with API (Application Program Interface) helps retailers to update their inventory information. It’s an ideal platform for retailers to compare different prices offered by other retailers locally. Thus, giving the advantage to make the best price choice closest to the customers’ location and saving on unnecessary shipment cost.

Being a Shipnow member works well for small retail businesses as they can compete with giant retailers in terms of delivering products the same day.  

Below are few pointers to help you understand better:

  • Signup with Shipnow and receive proximity API developer token
  • Integrate your inventory system with an SDK (Software Development Kit) sample
  • Setup the products/SKU's (Stock Keeping Unit) to synchronize with BigLynx
  • Synchronize your inventory with Shipnow API to publish your inventory
  • Login to website and verify your synchronized inventory available in Shipnow platform.

Once the above is done, retailers and consumers can check the Shipnow Inventory Big Data for products available at a specific location.

How a Retailer can Create a Fulfillment Order on Shipnow

Shipnow makes sure that retailers are smoothly able to channelize the orders placed by customers.

Here is how it works:

  • Once you have selected a retailer, you can view the instant fulfillment information.
  • Create fulfillment order with Shipnow and upload invoice to associate it with delivery.
  • Shipnow will procure the product from the retailer and provide logistics to deliver the order.
  • Receive invoices from Shipnow after every successful fulfillment.

Shipnow Security

With Shipnow, you don’t have to worry about security. Your information is kept strictly confidential and not shared with any third party. So now you don’t have to compromise on the quality and security of your business.

Complete the order cycle faster, increase your sales, save on huge shipment cost and have a back-up item handy.

Try out our 45- Days free trail on products such as Warehouzz. If you are a fulfiller, you can join now without a subscription fee and try our product Fulfiller.

As a retailer, it’s time you take advantage of the latest technology to scale your business. This step can help you built strategic partnership with other retailers and smoothen your proximity process.

Now reach out to a wide range of customers with Shipnow.

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