Shipnow: An Astute Technology for Delivery

A real-time survey has proved that customers who experience a prompt delivery service would prefer shopping with a same retailer. The reason being, ‘prompt delivery’ is a pivotal part of retail business today. One happy customer has the potential to attract many more, hence, strengthening customer-loyalty base of a business.

It’s obvious that retailers who offer quick delivery options and low shipment cost have the advantage to increase sales. So, how would retailers build customer trust and boost sales?

With technology scaling new heights in the retail sector, broadcasting your products and choosing a reasonable fulfiller to deliver are ways of converting delayed delivery experiences into prompt ones.

Shipnow is an innovative solution to overcome your retail issues. From Shipnow, retailers can also broadcast number of services such as, food, flowers, furniture, courier and groceries. In this way, they can reach out to potential customers and widen their business.

This is indeed a convenient way to manage and broadcast orders. The Shipnow API (Application Program Interface) can also be integrated with your order management system.

Sales, quick delivery and minimum shipping cost are the key elements of a retail business. However, sales can increase only when there’s less or no shipment cost involved. High shipment cost is the main reason for customers to dropout from the shopping cart.

Shipnow thus helps retailers to overcome these issues by giving retailers the option of grouping orders for fulfillment and tying up with local delivery partners for quick delivery.    

Here are few pointers how retailers can broadcast orders with Shipnow.

  • Register with and add location
  • Setup your store
  • Group orders or sent as a single order
  • Broadcast orders at a fixed price or invite delivery partners to bid
  • Broadcast fulfillment

A fulfiller can either join as an individual or as an organization with fleet.

Once a fulfillment is broadcasted, all local delivery partners will receive notifications. Interested delivery partners will expresses interest to fulfill accepting either at the fixed price or bid on it.

Here’s how it works for with BigLynx Fulfiller.

  • Delivery partners receive proximity notification of broadcasted orders
  • Delivery partners express interest on orders
  • Retailer receives multiple fulfillment interests
  • Retailer selects fulfiller based on First come first serve or manually select

Confirm Fulfiller & Pay

This is the last step in the Broadcast and Fulfiller lifecycle.

The Fulfiller receives a delivery token, picks up the goods and starts delivering. Once the Fulfiller completes the delivery, the retailer receives a delivery notification. Therefore, upon successful completion of the delivery, the retailer makes the payment.

You could also check out the pricing page!/PricingBroadcast that offers two options.

You could also check out the pricing page!/PricingBroadcast that offers two options- Basic and Enterprise, try these free trial options to get a better picture of the product.

Now you can get started immediately by registering on our website, or using an iPad app. Delivery partners can bid on retailers’ fulfillment by downloading the app on an iPhone and Android mobile.


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