Procure Products From Fellow Retailers and Ship Products International at the Speed of Domestic Item

These days, customer expectations have been changing dramatically, and customer loyalty is at an all-time low. People simply seek out not only the best deal but, also the most comforting customer experience. So, shipping cross border has become very challenging and it has become difficult to remain competitive. Shipnow has the perfect solution for you to speed up your deliveries and help you to stay competitive. It not only automates shipping tasks but boosts your efficiency while reducing order entry errors and includes features that specifically streamline cross-border shipping.

Shipnow will help you procure an order from the fellow retailer near to customer' proximity and reduce delivery time. Apart from saving on overpriced shipping cost, and you can enjoy customer's loyalty.
Now shipping cross-border is no more challenge when you can deliver your order within hours. To make potential customers in international markets and save shipping cost, please get yourself registered at:!/retailerlanding


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